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Fernando Clara

Casey Family Programs

Fernando Clara is a Senior Director of Strategic Engagement and Initiatives for Casey Family Programs, a function within the Office of the CEO. Fernando leads a portfolio of regional and national initiatives focused on advancing child and family wellbeing through multi-sector collaborations as part of Casey Family Program’s Building Communities of Hope efforts. His work focuses on developing and implementing initiatives that support Native American and Latino communities across the US.

Fernando has over 20 years of practice and policy experience in the field of social services. He has assisted numerous agencies evaluate their social service programs and implement evidence-informed practices.

Prior to joining Casey Family Programs, Fernando served as the Director of Practice Innovation for The Mockingbird Society where he led national and global efforts in transforming foster care and housing outcomes for youth. He has successfully initiated and established partnerships with private and public social service agencies, research institutions, government officials, and community and philanthropic organizations in Washington, Oklahoma, California (23 counties), New York, Australia, England, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands.

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