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HIP HR Summit

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The 2023 Human Rights Summit for People on the Move: The Intersections will be a space where civil society organizations, philanthropy and other allies can reconnect, analyze, discuss and think strategically about migration, forced displacement and their intersections in our region (the Americas). We will center the intersections between migration, forced displacement and racial equity, gender justice and climate justice. 


When? February 6, 7 and 8 of 2023

Where? San José, Costa Rica. At the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel 


From December 9 onwards, you will be able to register to participate in this convening. 



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The first two days will consist of sessions and networking activities around the following thematic areas. 

Migration and racial equity:

We want to visibilize and problematize the unequal impacts of migration and border policies on Black migrants and migrants of Indigenous communities, such as in the context of family separations, the disappearance of migrants, the lack of migrant leadership in our sectors, and the language access for those who are not English or Spanish speakers. 


Migration and climate justice:

We want to deepen our collective understanding about the different ways in which climate change can produce displacement, how it impacts migrant communities across the Americas, how to find solutions for communities and how to build common agendas between organizations with expertise in human mobility and experts on climate justice.

Migration and gender:

Gender violence affects women and the LGBTQ+ community, producing displacement, and it is also a risk during the migratory process and in the host community.

We want to  guarantee that migration work has a gender or feminist perspective.





Personas en Movimiento
Líneas verticales

on the move

Líneas verticales

The HIP Migration & Forced Displacement Program supports more than 60 frontline organizations in the region and we contribute to an ecosystem of over 110 organizations. These organizations provide humanitarian assistance, legal aid, contribute to healing trauma and advocate to demand more humane policies. 


We center the voices of frontline organizations and migrant leaders, and include other voices from philanthropy (funders and others) to co-create common agendas and aligned strategies. 


The experience of people on the move and their defenders, vary depending on the territory and the situation of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees or deportees, their nationalities, lived experiences and projects. It's not the same for migrants who are men, women, children, adolescents to deal with the risks and challenges that make their situations vulnerable. Apart from violence, political crises, human rights violations and the lack of opportunities, it is important to understand how climate change will impact people on the move. It is important to recognize the disproportionate impacts of restrictive immigration and border policies on migrants who are Indigenous, Black, women or members of the LGBTQ+ community. 


We invite you to participate in the 2023 Human Rights Summit for People on the Move: The Intersections, to discover the best practices in the accompaniment of people on the move and to reinforce our commitments. 



More than 80 institutions from across the region, which work for the improvement and dignity of +560,000 people on the move across the continent, were able to reflect on their struggle and daily work at the 2023 Meeting “Human Rights for people on the move: The intersections ”, organized by Hispanics in Philanthropy in alliance with Wingu and Kubadili, with the sponsorship of GCIR.

We built our event   between all of us, all of us, achieving:



meeting days




Countries represented


panelists and


16 Topic Conversations


Innovative dialogue formats


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