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La Carpio is an informal settlement located in the extreme west of the city of San José, Costa Rica. It has a territorial extension of 23 square km and is surrounded by two rivers (Río Virilla and Río Torres), at the end of the territory there is a Sanitary Landfill (municipal garbage dump), which makes the territory visually have the shape of an island.


The community of La Carpio is made up of the largest binational population (Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans) in the country, and the majority of its inhabitants are of Nicaraguan origin. 


In its more than 20 years of existence, the community has grown exponentially, both in the number of people who inhabit the area, and in the challenges posed to the Costa Rican State, civil society organizations, and the general population, being able to intervene in the space of various ways.


This organizational difficulty, of territorial ordering in general, has led the community to self-manage on many occasions and among themselves to seek solutions to the various social problems they face.


Internally, various initiatives have emerged that promote community development, sometimes supported by external organizations. 


In order to learn about the reality of the community, the Goles Foundation, the SIFAIS Foundation and the Entrecosturas and Panadería social enterprises will be visited.

Information about La Carpio


Description of the organizations to visit.

Foundation in charge of the "Cueva de Luz" space in the area of Little Great City of La Carpio that offers educational programs, artistic workshops for the population, in addition to being the place that promotes local enterprises. Entrecosturas is the foundation's first social enterprise. 


Victor Palacios

Victor Palacios,  arrived in Costa Rica in 2019,  entered Sifais thanks to the scholarship program, he does his scholarship hours at Sifais. Currently studying systems engineering. He lives with his wife and daughter.

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Queila Mejía 

He arrived in Costa Rica in 2000, he formed a family of five members, he has three daughters. Thanks to a scholarship, she is a Montessori guide and now she supports Sifais with cleaning and the bakery.

Social textile entrepreneurship led by Nicaraguan women.  

Promote gender equality, the defense of women's human rights and female empowerment through the socio-educational tool of soccer, as a bridge, excuse and key to work on the above, on and off the pitches.

Carme Salleras Campo.jpeg

Carmen Salleras

Creator and Executive Director of Fundación GOLEES

Shirley Barrantes Ilama.jpg

Shirley Barrantes Flame

Woman leader of the La Carpio community and Local Coordinator of Fundación GOLEES.

Salida hacia La Carpio Contexto general de la situación de las personas migrantes en Costa Rica en el bus
Fundación GOLEES
Llegada a cancha de la comunidad de La Carpio. Bienvenida general.
9:30 - 10:00
Fundación Golees
Presentación de la Fundación Golees
10:00 - 10:20
Caminata de Fundación Golees a SIFAIS
Recorrer la comunidad
10:20 - 11:00
Presentación de La Carpio y la “Cueva de Luz” de la fundación SIFAIS.
11:00 - 12:30
La comunidad: sus iniciativas y emprendimientos sociales
12:30 - 2:00
Almuerzo en SIFAIS realizado por emprendimiento de mujeres de la comunidad
Salida de SIFAIS a Hotel Cierre y reflexión en el bus

Visit step by step

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