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Río Azul is a community that is part of the province of Cartago, and 20 years ago one of the largest landfills in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica was located. Due to the risks involved in poor waste disposal, it was decided to close after 30 years of operation. 


The characteristics of the population that inhabits the area have changed due to the closure of the landfill, since many people lived from the selection, reuse, recycling and sale of the waste that reached the large dump. 


Today the area is characterized as a vulnerable community, with a high rate of population of various nationalities (Venezuelan, Colombian, Nicaraguan, among others). 

Information about Rio Azul


Description of the organizations to visit.

Foundation in charge of the "Cueva de Luz" space in the area of Little Great City of La Carpio that offers educational programs, artistic workshops for the population, in addition to being the place that promotes local enterprises. Entrecosturas is the foundation's first social enterprise. 


Jhirenny Ramirez Vargas

Psychologist with knowledge in topics such as: violence prevention, psychoactive substance use prevention, health promotion, life skills, sports psychology and ludo-pedagogical and recreational-sports methodologies, from the Gender, Human Rights and Intersectionality Approach.

Social textile entrepreneurship led by Nicaraguan women.  


Patricio Morera Viquez

Executive Director of Parque La Libertad. 
Former Executive President of the Institute for Municipal Promotion and Consulting.
Former Vice Minister of Housing, CR. 
Former Collaborator of the Innovation Team, Municipality of Curridabat.
Former TECHO Andean Regional Director and former Social Director Un Techo para mi País -  Costa Rica. 
Activist and consultant in informality, urban planning, citizen participation, innovation and strategic management. 
Training in Law and Public Administration.

Promote gender equality, the defense of women's human rights and female empowerment through the socio-educational tool of soccer, as a bridge, excuse and key to work on the above, on and off the pitches.

Quxabel Cardenas Enero 23.jpeg

quxabel cardenas

Director of the Nicaraguan Links Association in Costa Rica. 
Promotes  the integration of Migrant women and their families in Costa Rica.

Volcánicas is a feminist collective that positions and makes visible the rights of migrant women. Volcanicas is a feminist collective of migrant, exiled and diverse women. We work in the territories of Costa Rica on migration and feminism issues. One of the main political positions at the collective level is the political healing and humanization of migrations.


Genesis Francella Herrera Dávila

Social worker and sociology student, ludo-pedagogical workshop leaders and community worker. Throughout my activism and professionalism I have worked with women from the peasant movement, the peripheries, women of sexual diversity and  migrants.

We are a group committed to the full validity of human rights, accompanying the population that is victims of human rights violations in the processes of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition, through documentation actions, national and international complaints, network articulation and national and international alliances, use of international mechanisms for the protection of human rights and systematization of information that allow the construction of Nicaraguan historical memory.


Braulio Abarca Aguilar

Defender of rights hhumanand LG activistBTI. 

Change Agent of the Friedrich Ebert Central America Foundation (FES) and currently a consultant and member of the Coordinating Team of the Brújula Nica Program of the FES. Graduated from the Diploma in Leadership and Political Management from the American University.

Founder and Coordinator of the area of Education and Historical Memory of the Human Rights Collective Nicaragua Nunca Más, in charge of the issues of migration, refuge, social inclusion and sexual diversity.

Visit step by step

Salida del hotel y traslado a La Cometa. Contexto general de la situación de las personas migrantes en Costa Rica en el bus.
Llegada a La Cometa
Llegada a La Cometa, Tirrases
9:30 - 10:00
La Cometa
Presentación de la comunidad Tirrases
10:00 - 11:00
Caminando por la comunidad
Recorrido por la comunidad, conocer el ex relleno sanitario.
11:00 - 11:15
Llegada al Parque La Libertad
Presentación del Parque y la comunidad de Río Azul
11:00 - 12:00
Parque La Libertad
Corresponsabilidad y reconfiguración de servicios: nuevos actores en el trabajo con población en movimiento
12:00 - 1:00
Parque La Libertad
Almuerzo Latinoamericano
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