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Session 5

Where Are the Cracks? Impacts of Migration Policies in the Region & Strategies

Migration policies can discriminate in different ways. One of them is discrimination based on ethnic or racial origin. For example, in Costa Rica, there is a daily limit on the number of people of color allowed to cross the border. Another form of discrimination is caused by restrictive policies that condemn people in transit to a situation of violence and illegality. These policies can give unlimited power to the authorities to control migration and commit gross violations of human rights. Sometimes there is a double discourse. This is the case in Mexico, where migrants are welcomed on paper and in international treaties, while their mobility is blocked in practice.

It is necessary to work together to create a more inclusive and fair society for all, regardless of their origin or migration status. It is therefore important to raise awareness among governments and organizations about these issues, promote leadership actions to hear the voices of communities, and work on education, mental health, and strengthening.

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