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Session 3

The Fight for Truth & Justice for the Families of Disappeared Migrants

During this session, experiences and insights were shared about topics related to migration, disappearances, and the search of people in Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras, mainly.  Fundación para la Justicia y el Estado Democrático de Derecho (FJEDD) works on the search for justice for migrants who are victims of human rights violations. Participants highlighted the importance of reports to make these issues visible and the need to get governments involved to guarantee the right to truth. Colibrí is an organization working on the search of disappeared persons on the Mexico-Arizona border. They have been able to identify some individuals thanks to the collaboration of families that provide their DNA. The Committee of Families of Deceased and Disappeared Migrants of El Salvador (COFAMIDE) discussed the process to search for disappeared persons, which includes the search of living individuals as well as the search and identification of deceased individuals by means of DNA tests. Participants also mentioned the importance of notification and repatriation, as well as the need to update information about the risks of migrating. The Committee of Families of El Progreso, in Honduras, works on the search of disappeared persons and provides psychosocial support for impacted families. They highlighted the importance of support for families and the Committee’s role in the work that the authorities should carry out.  The audience asked some questions about the roles of States in the protection of the rights of migrants and disappeared persons, intersectionality in the search of persons, and how to help returnees that lack access to communication. Panelists answered highlighting the importance of getting States involved and respecting the identity of LGBTI+ individuals. They also pointed to the need to work in coordination and collaboration to be able to provide effective support for impacted individuals.

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