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Session 11

Migrant Leadership for Change

What is needed from the philanthropic sector to promote migrant leadership? Recognizing migrants and Indigenous communities as active subjects in the construction of solutions is key in order to work out long-term sustainable solutions. Besides, educating and promoting tolerance is essential in order to build joint agendas and create safe spaces.

It is important to consider that Indigenous and black communities have been historically marginalized and discriminated against. We must therefore decolonize how money is invested and prioritize investing in these communities. Furthermore, the implementation of the UN declaration on Indigenous peoples and linguistic violence is fundamental in order to protect the rights of these communities.

Working directly with Indigenous community governments and not forcing them to create NGOs can help arrive at more effective, sustainable solutions. Additionally, connecting generations and creating synergies among organizations led by individuals that have experienced forced migration can help find more effective, sustainable solutions.

Finally, addressing the causes of the disaster and not only the emergency in light of the disaster is key in order to produce long-term sustainable solutions and prevent communities from being forced to migrate.

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