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Medidas Covid

Health Measures against Covid-19 


As of April 1, 2022, the Costa Rican government has lifted restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, including the Health Pass and mandatory payment of health insurance for unvaccinated foreigners and mandatory use of facemasks; in addition, all business can operate at regular hours and with a 100% capacity. 

Despite the lifting of these restrictions, for our 2023 Human Rights Summit for People on the Move we will be taking the following sanitary measures to avoid possible Covid-19 infections: 

  • Limited capacity: the event sessions will have a limited capacity to ensure the recommended social distancing. 

  • Highly suggested use of masks: it is suggested to use masks in enclosed areas of the event, except when eating or drinking. HIP will provide disposable masks for those who need them, although we recommend bringing your own, making sure they cover your nose and mouth.

  •  Covid-19 rapid testing: in case of Covid-19 symptoms during the event, HIP staff will provide a rapid antigen test to confirm or discard the disease. 

  •  Hand hygiene protocol: we strongly recommend that attendees periodically wash and/or disinfect their hands, especially when in contact with others. Hand sanitizing gel will be available in the rooms and spaces of the event.

  • Common areas: the hotel is committed to perform sanitization of all common areas during the entire event. 

Let us remember that not all countries and localities on the continent have had equal access to vaccination against Covid-19. Your cooperation and empathy will be vital to avoid possible contagions that could compromise vulnerable people.

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