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Thank you very much for joining the 2023 MEETING "Human Rights formoving people: The intersections”!

To ensure you the best experience as a speaker, we share a few brief steps to follow and some recommendations. 
Your chat doesn't have to be ready to move on this path!

All steps are mandatory and you mustdo them before January 13.



Register for the event using the Speaker or moderator path.



If you need a presentation, use this template and when you have it ready, save it in the event folder. IMPORTANT: Identify it with its name!



Join the community of specialists! Enter the WhatsApp group to be in contact with the organization of the event and who will be the Speaker or moderator of the rest of the talks.

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Solve your doubts in time

For help with the 3 steps to follow, questions about the date and time of your talk, logistics and stay, contact

About the content of your talk, contact

spread the word

Share your participation in the MEETING on your social networks >> We designed a special flyer to communicate and disseminate your talk that will arrive by mail a few weeks before the event. meanwhile you can usethis flyer.

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